Recipes napkin folding

recipes napkin folding Unique techniques for napkin folding. Party professional or planning something special, techniques to assure any event can be hosted with confidence.

Weekend in New England with Lobster and Mussels

My wife and I recently returned from a little getaway to New England. We both like to visit the usual […]

Pizza without the sauce recipe by Napkin Wizard

One of my favorite foods has to be pizza. However, sometimes I just want it without the sauce. One day, […]

Short Rib Recipe by Napkin Wizard

I love to cook at home for my family. Since I don’t really have much time, I like to find […]

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe by Napkin Wizard

“Jerk” is a popular style of cooking that is native to the island nation of Jamaica. Meats are either dry-rubbed […]