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Get your expert advice on napkin folding with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own unique napkin folds for your special occasion. I have over 20 years of experience in creating stunning events both large and small. Now I want to teach you how to fold napkins on my napkin folding blog. Join me here to learn The Art of Napkin Folding and Entertaining!

Perry 200 Grand Parade on Memorial Day

The historic parade feature over 20 bands, including a Mummer’s String Band from Philadelphia, bands from Canada. Plus, numerous floats and marching units. It also feature giant helium-filled cartoon and patriotic balloons, which haven’t been seen in Erie in nearly 18 years!

The parade is about a one and half a mile long and thanks for the good weather. The officials estimate a crowd of more than 100,000 came out to watch the parade. Go Erie!

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

Perry 200 parade GoErie

The End

Napkin Folding-Top Ten Restaurant Favorites

What is one thing that all of the top-notch dinner places have in common? Creative napkin displays. Let’s take a peek at some of their art. Now, you can bring the style of a 5-star restaurant to the comfort of your own home. I will show you how with step-by-step instructions. After you master these folds, you can share them with all of your friends and family. See how their eyes light up as they view their well-designed plate set up. Here’s the  top ten restaurant favorites napkin folding-

1 Napkin Folding In Style Buffet

Napkin Folds for Buffet

In Style Buffet 1

385A2740 ER

385A2743 ER

385A2745 ER

2 Napkin Folding The Buffet Wrap

Buffet Wrap Napkin folds

385A2749 ER

385A2750 ER

385A2751 ER

385A2752 E

3  Napkin Folding In  House Fold

In House Napkin Folds

385A3014 ER

385A3016 ER

385A3017 ER

385A3018 ER

4  Napkin Folding Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Napkin Folds

385A2890 ER

385A2892 ER

385A2893 ER

385A2894 ER

385A2895 ER

385A2896 ER

385A2897 ER


385A2899 ER

5  Napkin Folding Three Stripe Fold 

Three Stripe Napkin Folds

385A2783 ER

385A2784 ER

385A2785 ER

385A2786 ER

385A2787 ER

385A2788 ER

  Napkin Folding Splendid Fan

Splendid Fan Napkin Fold

385A2801 ER

385A2802 ER

385A2803 ER

385A2804 ER

385A2805 ER

385A2806 ER

7   Napkin Folding Orient Express

Orient Express Napkin Folds

385A2859 ER

385A2861 ER

385A2862 ER

385A2863 ER

385A2864 ER

385A2865 ER

8  Napkin Folding French Lily

French Lily Napkin Folds

385A2767 ER

385A2769 ER

385A2770 ER

385A2772 ER

385A2773 ER

385A2774 ER

385A2775 ER

385A2777 ER

9   Napkin Folding Flower in Bloom

Flower in Bloom Napkin Folds

385A2838 ER

385A2839 ER

385A2840 ER

385A2841 ER

385A2842 ER

385A2843 ER

385A2845 ER

10 Napkin Folding  Crown Royal

Crown Royal Napkin Folds

385A3163 er

385A3166 ER

385A3167 ER

385A3169 ER

385A3175 ER

385A3177 ER

385A3178 ER

385A3179 ER

385A3180 ER

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Thursday Night Dinner At Home

Thursday night dinner. Pan seared scallops with homemade tartar sauce, steamed asparagus, pasta with cherry tomatoes and garlic bread.

 Pan seared scallops

Plating Your Food

I love to plate food. I can really get fancy when I have the time. To me, presentation is always a key factor in great food service. One of the basics of plating food is to have your main entree at 6′ o’clock. Your starch should be at 12 o’clock, and two vegetables are set in between or as the picture shown below.


Have you been to a restaurant where, when you order your steak with mashed potatoes, the chef decides to put the steak on top of the mashed potatoes?
123RF -1
I think it just ruins my meat. I always prefer having them separate. Basically, all of the food should be separate unless it is a one dish entree, such as pasta. However, I know that chefs will argue that the reason they plate the food on top of each other is because they are meant to be eaten together.
Today, I gave this dish a try, and to my amazement… this meal worked for me. It does taste good to eat fish and mashed peas together. Now, will I change the way I plate my food? No, I still prefer to plate them separately and will decide later if I want to eat them together. Which way do you prefer? I’d love to hear from you.
 DSC_0758 napkin folding expert