Which one is your Christmas table?

I always love to set up Christmas tables. This year, I could not decide whether I should go with a blue theme or a red theme. Well, I think it‘s time to let my readers choose. Let me know which one you’d like best for your Christmas table.

Red theme

IMG_3325 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3342 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3347 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3330 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3348 cr Christmas Table

Blue theme

IMG_3353 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3358 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3361 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3365 cr Christmas Table

IMG_3363 cr Christmas Table




  1. Akilah Claxton

    I like both but I prefer the blue for its simplicity. The red though lovely is very busy for me. Good luck in choosing and well done on both again.

  2. Debbie Padilla

    I like the blue one. Looks crisp and clean.

  3. Jimmy,

    Thank you for asking.
    Each table is inviting!
    The white tablecloth and blue runner showcase individual settings and the pattern of color thread through, joining everyone at the table.

    I also appreciate the nativity theme and its collective nature, drawing all close to the center via the red tablecloth. Individual settings seem to define themselves within the table collective.

    SO pretty!

    Happy New Year!

  4. The red theme has an unusual centrepiece. It would be lovely if you were setting up a buffet table with the nativity scene at one end, and, for my taste, is too much for a sit-down meal. I love the crispness of the blue and white decor. This colour scheme ties everything together including winter and Christmas! Very lovely!
    Which did you prefer?
    Happy New Year!

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