Fourth of July Table Decor

Decorating for a Fourth of July bash can be incredibly simple, since most stores have an overabundance of pre-packaged red, white and blue décor and accessories available. You can also make your own patriotic arts and crafts. One of the easiest things to decorate for a July 4 party is your table.

This year I decide to do a firecracker napkin fold. It’s so simple and if you can roll a napkin, you are absolutely ready to do this for a party of own. See your guests’ eyes  lights up as they see them.

IMG_1103  4th of July

IMG_1091  4th of July

 IMG_1095 4th of July

IMG_1079 4th of July

IMG_1083 4th of July

IMG_1113 4th of July

IMG_1118 4th of July

Happy 4th!

Here’s a link to The Firecracker napkin folding-


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