St.Patrick’s Day Parade Through My Lens

It was my first time at the St Patrick’s Day Parade. I wanted to make sure I got there 1 hour early because I knew It would be challenging to find a parking space. I wish they had more volunteers helping out with giving directions. However, I managed to find a spot at the liquor store parking lot.

It was another beautiful day in South Florida and the parade route was jam-pack with a big crowd.  Everyone was wearing something green. It was a fun day. Even four-legged friends were painted green. Here are some photos to share with you. Feel free to add your own captions :)

DSC_0194 E

DSC_0199 E

DSC_0217 E

DSC_0232 E 

DSC_0238 E

DSC_0271 E



DSC_0318 E

DSC_0327 E

DSC_0293 E

DSC_0343 E

DSC_0347 E

DSC_0368 E

DSC_0369 E

DSC_0395 E

DSC_0429 E


DSC_0526 E

DSC_0538 E





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