Night At The Oscars

DSC_1435  Oscars Night by Napkin Folding Wizard

LA will be buzzing with Hollywood’s annual red carpet for celebrities. Whether you are a fashion icon or just a fan of fine clothing couture, you don’t want to miss out on this year’s Oscar night. I’ve only seen a few movies this year, so I may be biased with my choices. However, this place setting is for anybody who would love to have their own Oscar-Themed setting for the evening. How would you like to have your own red carpet VIP table? Whoever you are rooting for, I am sure you will have a lovely time with family or friends with this beautiful setting. Good luck to all the nominees.

DSC_1413 Oscars Night by Napkin folding expert

DSC_1392 Oscars night by Napkin folding expert

DSC_1381  Oscars Night by Napkin folding wizard

DSC_1402  oscars night by napkin folding expert

DSC_1404 Oscars Night by Napkin folding expert

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Argo- Best Picture

Daniel Day-Lewis- “Lincoln” Best Actor

Jennifer Lawrence – “Silver Linings Playbook” Best Actress

Christoph Waltz- “Django Unchained” Best Supporting Actor

Anne Hathaway- “Les Misérables” Best Supporting Actress

Ang Lee- “Life of Pi” Best Director



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