Philippines-Inspired Cuisine.

This year, we decided to do a Philippine-inspired Thanksgiving meal.  I started to search on the net for some of the famous dishes. I decide to try Sisig, which is a popular dish from the province of Pampanga. I used pig ears, chicken livers and pork belly slab. The next dish was pork and chicken gizzard adobo. I added boiled eggs, just because my daughter loves them. The third dish was Gisadong Sotanghon  “Sauteed cellophane noodles.“ Fourth was fried “daing” milkfish, a favorite of all Pilipinos. Last, was plain white rice.

For the dessert:

1) Ginataan, which means food cooked with coconut milk. 2) Cochinta, main ingredients are sticky rice and lye solution. 3) Rice “Puto“ Cakes. You have the option to add cheese on top. 4) Palitaw, which is made of sticky rice and then flattened and dipped in sugar and roasted sesame seeds. 5) Last but not least, was our favorite Cassava cake. Everything came out delicious. I am thankful for a great meal and having my family around.

Philippines-Inspired cuisine

Philippines-inspired cuisine

Philippines-inspired cuisine


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