Say Happy Birthday in Style

Once limited to homemade cakes and gifts stacked on your dining room table, birthday parties have evolved into a stylish way to celebrate the joy of simply making it through another year. If you have a large family and many friends—and enough space in your yard or a facility that will rent you their grounds—hosting a birthday party in a tent is a great way to have many guests share the special day. Tents can also help provide shade on sunny days and a bit of shelter from the storm should a light rain fall.

Tents should be set up properly because you do not want them to be unsteady and fall down or blow away. You may want to have the tent set up by party professionals and spend your time and effort decorating, which is more fun anyway!

Balloons and streamers are two of the easiest ways to make basic white party tents of all sizes look elegant. Even if you have folding chairs and boring white tablecloths, balloons and streamers will give your party some pizzazz. Tie helium balloons to backs of chairs and be sure to have balloon weights on hand. They can serve as table centerpieces. As your party guests leave, you can even let them take a balloon home as a little souvenir. This is an especially great idea for children’s parties.

Paper streamers can be strung from the metal poles at the top of the tent, but tulle or other fabric will look a bit fancier. Be sure to string some white Christmas lights around the perimeter of the tent for some easy mood lighting as well. Your birthday party guests won’t even realize that they are celebrating outdoors!

Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel of The Birthday Fold.



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