Congratulate Your Grad with the Graduation Cap Napkin Fold

Spring is in the air, which means that young adults across the country are receiving their diplomas and degrees. Not only is a high school or college graduation a huge achievement, it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate! Why not throw a party in your graduate’s honor? (You know you’ll love getting all the decorations ready!)

IMG_1799 Graduation Cap 2

As you can learn in my Graduation Cap YouTube video, you can easily turn a basic cloth napkin into a graduation cap. Simply add a bit of yarn to the top to serve as the tassel, and your cap is complete. If you are feeling ambitious, why not add a plastic decoration containing the year?

The graduation cap, also known as a mortarboard, has come to symbolize academic achievement. At the high school level, the cap’s tassel is usually one of the school’s colors while at the college level the tassel may be basic black or represent the graduate’s field of study. Whatever its color, the tassel is embellished with a charm revealing the year of graduation. In most graduation ceremonies in the U.S., the tassel is worn on one side of the cap until the graduate physically receives their diploma, when it is moved to the other side of the cap.

These Graduation Cap napkins can be set on top of plates or used as table decorations. They are a great way to say “Congrats!” to your favorite graduates.


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