Valentine’s Day Table Inspirations

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for many. Some people even decorate their homes the way most people decorate for Christmas. It’s easy to find paper hearts and Cupid figurines in most stores, but I suggest decorating your table for a special Valentine’s Day meal. It will set the mood, act as a conversation starter, and remain a memory for years to come.

 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table

 If you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two, a single red rose placed in a crystal vase or a bouquet of red and white flowers would both make elegant arrangement for larger table. Red, white, or pink candles are another easy way to add beauty to your meal, and wine glasses or champagne flutes will also add an elegant romantic touch to the table.

 Fun-Filled Valentine’s Day Table

 If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner for a group of friends or your entire family, you can still decorate without making anyone feel uncomfortable about the romance associated with the holiday—especially if they’re single! Use solid-colored plates or Valentine theme plates would both look elegant—and be sure to include a fun napkin fold. Check out my YouTube videos for a few ideas! Next, scatter heart shape felts around your centerpiece and place a small Valentine’s favor of roses next to each place setting.

 However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, be sure to have fun. That’s the most important thing about any party!

IMG_8129 C Valentine Day Table Setting


IMG_8137 C Centerpiece


IMG_8126 C Flower


IMG_8167 C Kimberly


IMG_8191 C favor


IMG_8171 C Napkin


  1. Kari Judd

    Beautiful table settings for Valentines Day!

    • Jimmy

      I am glad you like it Kari and thank you for stopping by.

  2. Monica

    What a BEAUTIFUL table setting. Your guests would feel so special and honored.

    • Jimmy

      Thank you so much Monica. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day.

  3. You table setting is very romantic! Love your ideas!

    • Jimmy

      Thank you Victoria. I appreciate your comments.

  4. Your designs are beyond amazing! Great work. Thank you for sharing.

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