Celebrate Chinese New Year Table Setting

This year, the Chinese celebrate a new year on January 23. It is the year of the dragon; and in Chinese, that symbol means good fortune and is a sign of intense power.

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Chinese New Year is a time for families to be together. Celebrations include having an annual reunion dinner on new year’s eve,  setting off fireworks to welcome the new year, and giving lucky money in a red envelope to children. Lanterns are placed around the house. As we ring in with the new year bell, there is a traditional parade with dragon and lion dances.

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Food plays a big part in this celebration. It is customary to bring gifts, such as tangerines and oranges because their Chinese names sound like “gold” and “wealth”. The host always welcomes guests with a greeting of “Come in, and let’s eat.”

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 Traditional foods and their meanings are:

Nian Gao (rice cake) –  promotion

Noodles – long life

Peking Duck – fidelity

Whole fish with Head and tail attached –  abundance in the coming year.

Whole Chicken – family togetherness and prosperity.

Shrimp – happiness

Oranges and tangerines – wealth and good fortune

Peanuts – good health and long life

Pork – strength and abundant blessings

Rice – link between heaven and earth

Seaweed – prosperous

Water Chestnuts – unity

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  1. Chris Gelsinger

    These arrangements are eye-catching and beautiful – each and every one of them – in their own unique way. Time and togetherness are important especially these days and celebrating them with family is precious.

    • Jimmy

      Thank you Chris

  2. yeng gelsinger

    This is so beautiful, .we love and enjoy it.

    • Jimmy

      Thank you Yeng. I am glad you’re enyoying it with Chris.

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