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French Tulip napkin fold

I was recently interviewed for this month’s issue of First magazine. However, because of the short space, the editor could not include a lot of my questions and answers. I decided to post it here on my blog. I thought this might be helpful to my readers. I added a few more lines to help facilitate reading.

Q.  What does a fancy napkin fold bring to a table setting?

JN. It brings excitement and let you guest feel special. It’s also a good starter conversation.


Q.  Is napkin folding hard to do?

JN. There are some easy fold to start with and once you get the hang of napkin folding you move to more fancy folds.


Q.  What kind of napkins are the best for a stand-up napkin fold?

JN. Linen and cotton are best for stand-up napkin or you can also use a napkin ring to help it stand-up. I am currently working with a manufacturing for my own napkin ring designs. Stay tuned.


Q.  What tips/tricks do you have for making a napkin stay folded? Ir’s so frustrating when they just come undone!

JN. It is very frustrating to see your napkin un-fold. First you have to figure out if your event is going to be outdoor or indoor? If it’s indoor you are good with more option. For outdoor, you are kind of limited. You have to consider wind factor. I always suggest a napkin ring or ribbon to tie the napkin. This is also the reason why I developed my napkin ring designs for this purpose.


Q.  Can you fold the napkins in advance of a party?

JN. Yes, you can always prepare ahead of time. Evenly sprayed Starch can hold on it’s own standing up and they also last for months.When I had my table setting event at the Norton Museum in Florida. People were amazed with my napkin fold. I make a special fold with a split accordion fan style. They were touching it thinking this must contain a lot of starch. No, I only used medium starch. I usually use flower or place card as a weight to hold the napkin.


Q.  What’s the best way to launder a napkin with a fancy fold in mind? Do you add starch to the water or spray it on later?

JN. Good question. The key is to dry them half way. It’s better to iron your napkin a little damp. This way, you can stretch your napkin evenly.


Q.  What is the best size napkin for a fancy fold?

JN. 22 x 22

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