Cast a Spell on Your Table with this Halloween Setting

Everyone says that time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve got to agree. As you’ve probably realized from the photos in my previous blog posts, I had an excellent summer, but it seems like Halloween is approaching at rapid speed. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it offers the excuse to decorate the house and dress in costume. Let’s not forget about all the candy, either!

Decorate the Table for Halloween

If you’re having a Halloween party or just want to add some special touches around the house for your own family to enjoy, decorating the table is an easy way to add a bit of spooky fun. Basic linens in the traditional Halloween color palette of orange and black will look modern and stylish when you pair them with fun and funky decorations like miniature pumpkins, plastic toy spiders, and votive candles. My Jared the Doll napkin fold will also help you “cast a spell” on your Halloween table because your family and friends will be captivated by your creativity!

IMG_4723Halloween Jared the Doll

Jared the Doll is an easy yet functional and stylish way to place flatware on the table. Spoons and forks are tucked inside of specially-folded napkins to create Jared. Just be sure to choose Halloween colors that match the rest of your table. You can even decorate your “dolls” with name tags, ribbons, or other items of your choice.

Go out with a bang without breaking your budget. Here are some money saving you can create.

Napkin rings:

IMG_4728 Halloween spider napkin ring

Black Pom Pom, Chinelle stem, Wiggle eyes, Ribbon, Felt. For your Spider Napkin Rings.

IMG_4731Halloween Flower Napkin rings

Paper Towel, Orange Paint, Felt, Ribbon for your Flower Napkin Rings

IMG_4701 edit copy Halloween Wall

Halloween Wall: Haunted Houses Silhouette

IMG_4700 copy

Poster Cardboard 7 pieces. This cost under $4.00 The whole wall is about 40 x 100 inches.Amazing! your dollar can go a long way. Happy Halloween.

IMG_4753 Halloween Cupcakes

Special thanks to Lina Ng for all the crafts on this week blog.


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  1. I LOVE these! ALL of them–the pics of what chefs do when they are bored AND the Halloween pics. I look forward to checking out more!

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