Lady Pirate Hat Napkin Fold

Did you know that napkin folding is incredibly similar to origami, the Japanese art of paper folding? Just as people can create beautiful decorations with origami, napkin folding gives you the ability to create gorgeous yet functional table decorations for dinner parties and other special events. Not only will your “napkin art” serve as a conversation starter and embellish the meal you’re serving, your guests can actually use the napkins!

Origami can be incredibly simple or very intricate, and the same can be said for napkin folding. This means that you don’t have to be an expert to create impressive napkin art. I love being known as the Napkin Wizard and I love teaching others my craft, which is why I’d like to share the Lady Pirate Hat napkin fold with you today.

Lady Pirate Hat Napkin Fold

The Lady Pirate Hat is a three-point hat that’s a classy yet quick napkin folding technique, and it’s perfect for events ranging from ladies luncheons to pirate-themed galas. You can use nearly any color napkin for this fold, but I recommend a black napkin with silver edging, along with a red silk rose—perfect colors for a pirate party! You’ll find it helpful to watch my corresponding You Tube video about the Lady Pirate Hat as you create your own.

 Have fun!


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