Orchid in Bloom

Orchid in Bloom napkin folding

The Orchid in Bloom is one of my all-time favorite napkin folds because it is perfect for both formal and casual dinner parties. You can even use it at lunch or breakfast. It’s an easy way to wow your guests as well as a great mealtime conversation starter.

Nearly everyone loves flowers, and you can dress up or dress down this napkin fold to match the rest of your table setting. The Napkin Wizard Orchid in Bloom napkin fold looks especially dazzling when you have a vase of orchids as your table centerpiece, but it’s also fine on its own.

At first glance it may look complex, but simply tuck a silk orchid into the center of this creative napkin fold and voila! You have the Orchid in Bloom. You can use flowers that match your table’s color palette—silk orchids are usually available in white, yellow, pink, and purple—or you can even use a different colored flower for each place setting. Let your dinner guests choose their favorite! White happens to be my favorite because it matches any color napkin.

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  1. That is just simply FABULOUS! Thank you for your wonderfully creative work and for sharing it in video tutorials!

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