Oh Susanna Fold will Dazzle Your Guests

Give Your Table a Patriotic Look on July 4

The United States claimed its independence from Britain on July 4, 1776 and Americans began to celebrate democracy and their freedom on that day each year. A Fourth of July party is the perfect way to say, “Happy Birthday, America!” and most Americans take advantage of the opportunity. Cookouts and family get-togethers are a common affair on July 4.

Decorating for a Fourth of July bash can be incredibly simple, since most stores have an overabundance of pre-packaged red, white and blue décor and accessories available. You can also make your own patriotic arts and crafts; or even decorate with flowers or balloons! One of the easiest things to decorate for a July 4 party (or any other celebration) is the table.

Oh Susanna Fold will Dazzle Your Guests

Whether you’re serving a five-course meal on your finest china, or you’re hosting a potluck dinner with paper plates and plastic silverware, your July 4 table settings can dazzle your guests almost as much as a fireworks show! The Oh Susanna fold pictured below is the perfect way to incorporate the traditional red, white and blue color scheme into your meal.

IMG_1065 Oh Susanna Table setting

IMG_1070 Oh Susanna Table setting 2

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