Napkin folding ” Montana “

Welcome, This is my second blog, and I would like to share with you a napkin fold that I have learned while working for a prestigious caterer. I named it ” Montana.” It’s a very simple and elegant fold.

photo of montana napkin fold

1) Open your napkin.
If available, use one that is 22×22 inches.
photo of napkin folding
2) Fold in half.
phot of napkin fold
3) Fold once more into a quarter.
photo of napkin fold
4) Place the top pointer in the center
and bring the two sides closer to the middle
photo of napkin folding
5) Tuck about a third of the top napkin to the back.
photo of napkin folding
6) Now, the tricky part here is …
to hold both hands ( only one hand is
displayed because my other hand
was needed to click the camera shutter )
approximately in the middle of napkin
and push it up from the bottom.
photo of napkin folding
7) This is the finished look.
photo of napkin fold
Final step: Place the finished product on a charger
and enjoy your beautiful fold.

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